Rehoboth Youth and Discipleship

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Purpose Statement

To invite people and communities of faith to be transformed as they are inspired and challenged to know and experience God through Jesus Christ, and the teachings of the word of God. To claim and live God’s promise; to grow and serve as Christian disciples.

The Youth and Discipleship Ministry helps create and strengthen connections with leaders in their areas so that, the whole Church begins to see its essential role of teaching and providing a place for God’s transformation to occur.

Discipleship Hour 

Every Sunday morning, the Rehoboth Church of God offers opportunities for individuals to grow and mature in their faith by offering age-appropriate Biblical classes and instruction. These classes, especially our adult classes, take place in an open environment that facilitates discussion with the ultimate goal for our students to learn how to apply scriptural principles in their everyday lives.

Our mission is to provide our members with an opportunity to study God’s word, and to receive clarification to questions from the scriptures. So with that in mind our mission is to Teaching the word of God to all people to produce "Transformed Lives"

Please join us every Sunday morning from 9:30-10:30 a.m. There is a class for every single age group (zero – senior adults) to meet individual needs.

You will be blessed as we study God’s word together.

Youth and Discipleship Director

Rev. Nuchette Burke